Investing in Wholesale and our NFT's


My name is Yarell and I am the founder/owner of the brand and a lot of more interesting things to talk about. All of the products you see on this site are official collaborations and are in 1 line with the factories who make them, we have great partners all over the world who help me get these and a lot more other brands . I have now 1.5 years of experience in the online sales and I must say, this is my talent, that’s why you are here. I'm 26 old and I have been in the business world since I was 12 and I am happy to elaborate if you just ask at the Chat with us, you are going to speak to me directly. Just try it.

I'm trying to raise money to expand my growing business and I have the opportunity to grow to a winning wholesale. With my webshop I have experienced first hand that there are major opportunities and I'm going to fulfill this and you can profit from this. 

I am looking for:

Guidance, a team around me, investors. NFT-Collectors  

I have great contracts and many great contacts all over the world and over for Europe,  I have the potential and many ideas and I know you do so use the Chat button, can’t wait to meet you.

rights to sell a majority of our products in this webshop and we want to expand. Our main competitors needs to buy these products at Greenway so we have the full package in hands.

I combined my 2 passions, business and NFT's to create a unique way of investing.

So see what is in front of you and use this opportunity to gain some experience, guaranteed!

I have many plans for the NFT’s:

Make a simple game


We are planning to make 100 member NFT's for this webshop which will give them unique extra's, like free shipping, extra big goodies bag and many more discounts. This is one of the uses we have for the NFT's.

Invest in Europe, Invest in IGE, Invest in ME


Here is an exclusive sneak peak into the webshop/brand done by only me with the help of my fiancé. We started this organization with -10K and now we invest in ourselves and you can do too. Here is some information about us just to be open and give you insights in the start up of me as a organisation. See the numbers and we are ready to go 300x with our ideas and mentality to learn and get better every day we got you here and now it’s up to you. Good luck from march we have had distribution contracts and that is seen here

Webshop: we started the webshop on march'21 and since than we are growing rapidly. We started this with -10K so we really are so amazingly happy to learn so much with no less other than time invested in us and training our minds….


1 month in the new year: we thought January will be very slow, the opposite happened. Combined 19,5K devided by 31 days= €629, so with this rate (without the investors) we are heading too a avg year revenue of €229.585 with 33% profit. *we expect to grow with a minimum of 3-30x if we can reach the 30K initial start-up costs