About us


The Daily High Club consists of a group of High Entrepreneurs, we are never alone but always work together with partners and members. Everyone is part of the Club and that is what drives us, without you we are not a Club but only Daily High.

We want to make the Dutch community a bit more fun, but above all better, we have noticed that we as the Netherlands are lagging behind in the Canna community and that is a shame! We at the DHC ensure that the American brands are available to you.

We would like to introduce you to some great partners that we are sure you will love as much as we do. Together with you our members we choose these products!

Quality & price comes first!

We know how annoying it is not to be treated well in our industry, we are always there for our members. Service comes first, you can always reach us on our channels: whatsapp: 06 44507418, email: dailyhighclub@outlook.com, instagram: @dailyhighclub.nl

Great Prices/High Services !