Our brands


The Daily High Club consists of a group of High Entrepreneurs, we are never alone, but always work together with partners and members. Everyone is part of the Club and that is what drives us, without you we are not a Club.

We want to make the Dutch community a bit more fun, we have noticed that we as the Netherlands are lagging behind in the community and that is a shame! We would like to introduce you to some great partners that we are sure you will love as much as we do.

Quality & price comes first!

Spider Farmer:
Spider Farmer is America's #1 supplier of Quantum Boards, they have chosen a very good approach, they put the quality and the customer above all else. They have worked for years to put the LED on the map and have been able to work closely with SAMSUNG & OSRAM in the development of their LED diodes. We at the Daily High Club have direct ties to the Spider Farmer research team and have even been involved in launching the SE series! Spider Farmer stands for 100% quality and 110% satisfaction and that is why we have entered into a partnership with Spider Farmer!

Mars Hydro:
Mars Hydro belongs to the group of pioneers of the LED Movement, because of their generous attitude and constant drive to get the best out of the LEDs, they were one of the first to conquer the American grow hearts and certainly our hearts as well. The quality and the close cooperation between R&D and marketing enable them to constantly adapt to the needs of the customer and because of their close ties with SAMSUNG & MEANWELL, they can guarantee the highest quality! Mars Hydro x Daily High Club is a collaboration for the future, make sure you're there!

Lumatek has been at the top of the chain for years with their LED lights of the highest quality. Lumatek develops its own LEDs, which has given it a head start over others for many years. Due to the large flow of information, the direct competitors are moving closer and closer to #1 brand Lumatek.

Growrilla is an Italian brand that was created for growers and by growers. The innovations are going very fast and Growrila has their own RDWC line with which everyone can feel like a full-fledged grower in no time. Growrilla has been extensively tested by the community and is seen by many as the perfect solution for every budget.

NOVATEK is currently on its way to becoming the #1 in the LED industry, the results speak for themselves and it is unimaginable what NOVATEK has been able to achieve since their start in 2019! The ODIN came out on top in the test on both Performance and Price/Quality!

#GROWLEGENDARY and that's it, we like working with Plagron. They have different solutions for every grower. The complete solution for every grower, Plagron has worked hard to release the lines they have now.

The collaboration with Growrilla was one to never forget, with no other product have we had as much response as with Growrilla's RDWC systems and let's face it, these systems are a real game changer. Growrilla works hard every day to improve their systems and to get you the best results.