Indoor Cultivating Crops And Herbs

The indoor cultivation of tomatoes, peppers, hemp, mushrooms and an innumerable range of other types of crops and herbs, among other things, has been seen as one of the country's most relaxing hobbies for many years. Almost all cultivators love their hobby and have often fallen into it because of the low degree of difficulty. Some have started simply putting supermarket herbs in front of their window and other hobbyists have started gardening in their backyard, but both will enjoy their hobby equally.

A big reason to cultivate indoors is because of the weather conditions , the climate in the Netherlands/Belgium is not suitable for growing outdoors all year round. Fortunately, we can do something about that! Indoor renovation with LED has experienced a huge leap in technology in recent years, where LED diodes have now become even more economical and even more extensive. The diodes can now be provided with a full spectrum where we can simulate almost all colors / heats from the sun spectrum and the costs of LED diodes have become 75% more efficient. All that just indoors.

Models such as the Spider Farmer SE & Mars Hydro FC series now also use different UV+A LED diodes that even mimic the UV rays indoors. This has a lot of benefits for every crop since this is a natural pesticide!

Member comments: 

“Growing my own crops makes me a different person!” 

"It gives me peace of mind to be busy with plants, without me they wouldn't grow and without them I wouldn't enjoy it as much!" 

“For body and mind!”

"It's also just nicer to be able to take care of yourself, it gives me a lot of satisfaction and it's good for the wallet!"

Please note: local rules may differ, ALWAYS check if you agree to cultivate indoors with auxiliary lighting! The cultivation of tomatoes, peppers, hemp and herbs, among other things, can only be cultivated in consultation. Consult your local authorities to receive current laws and regulations, often these can also be found online.