Frequently Asked Questions:

What about the warranty?
Daily High Club is a Dutch company which means that you as a consumer are fully protected as indicated by Dutch law. You have a standard 14 days to change your mind and with the Grow-Lights you get a 1- to 5-year manufacturer's warranty from the manufacturer. The manufacturers are selected for price, quality and service. Check the product page for the correct conditions.

Do you also get Freebies at the Daily High Club?
Yes! What do you think, all our grow lights shipments are sent including a DHC package (worth €14.95-€24.95) and including the latest Daily High Club stickers.

Why do I have to wait 5-6 business days for my order?
Our stock is still limited at the moment, we strive to have at least 2 pieces of each product in stock so that you as a consumer can receive the product within 3-5 working days. We cannot realize this immediately, so we ask for your understanding. Our thanks is High ;)

When will my package arrive:
It can always happen that a package is delayed, so always send us a message to find out where your package is. Do you have a tracking number ending in DE? Check the DHL.de website to see real-time information about your package.

What is a DHC package and can I buy it?
These packages are currently in the test phase, which means that the boxes will be extra filled with the nicest Smoke Accessories. Check the insta @dailyhighclub.nl, they will be available soon.

What is your vision actually?
We want to help the Dutch market/growers to bring the latest innovations to the Netherlands with all the benefits for the Dutch consumer. This means that we do our work with passion and we make sure that we work with the biggest names to help you with your passion!

How do you test the products?
All products are viewed in our test stations and measured for correct values. The parts of the products are also inspected to see if they meet the quality requirements.

How many Growers do you have?
We have an experienced group of growers who test many of our products behind the scenes, so that we can always stand behind our products. Our growers are selected on experience but also on commitment to the Club. Anyone can become a grower for the Daily High Club, drop us a line and we'll see what we can do to help each other.

Can we, as Members, still help?
Of course, I'd like to. We receive nice messages from you weekly and will also post them on insta and some unique ones even on the website. We know we can't do this alone and need you to get out there. This means that everything works, from inviting your friends to blowing the website with a toast ;) Who does good, who meets good!

I really just want stickers?
Send us a DM via Instagram and we won't disappoint you! Do you have nice ideas for sticker yourself, you are also welcome on the insta or via dailyhighclub@outlook.com